These photographs were submitted by Vernon Copeland who served in Korea as a Radio Technician between Dec. 1952 and Nov. 1953

Vernon Copeland at Machine Gun located near the Radio Maintenance Jamesway.


C-124 Aircraft that took us from Misawa AFB in Japan to Seoul Korea.

Radio Tech at Radio Jamesway on the 'hill'.
View of 607th Compound from hill south of the main entrance. The rows of tents in center-left of photograph is
where we lived. 

Mitchell in the Barber Shop at the Compound.  We had a lot of people that drove 
up and down the 3A highway near the Compound that would stop 
in and get a haircut because we had an American Barber.

East side of 607th Compound showing the Logistics Hut and Church Tent.

John Maddox on road between the Radar and the Radio Buildings on the hill.

Trail and roadway just north of compound with lady carrying vessel on her head.

View looking East from Radar Hill and from roadway between the Radar and Radio shacks.

Charles Rossi in front of the tent at the compound.

Entrance Gate to the Compound from the roadway from Seoul.
Sign above the Squadron headquarters in Misawa AFB, Japan where we processed to go to Korea.

Roadway up steep part of mountain.  This may have been the view where Skip Beach went
over the side in the Jeep.

David Tims, Radio Tech.

Tents and Motor Truck parking location on the Mountain down the hill some distance from the Radar.

Tom Lowing.  Did not remember him signing the photo and writing in Korean.

Timed photographs of the flare drops over the front line just north of the
Radar Hill.  We could hear the retorts of the larger guns as a constant rumble in the
background from the top of the mountain, and watch the flares desend that had 
been shot in the air to light up the area at night. 

This was the building set up as the Officers club at the compund, if my memory
serves me correctly.  If anyone knows differently, please let me know.

Leighton F. Ware and Vernon Copeland

We used Korean people to work in our mess hall and take care of our Tents

Loading up in the trucks to take the 12 mile trip back to the Compound from the top of the Hill.
The first two miles of the road were very winding and treacherous, and the last 10 miles were easier
to navigate. 

Gate into the 607th Compound. 

Photograph of Tom Lowing taken using flashlights.  We were trying to be creative!

Hyan Suk Hyan, houseboy for the tent I was assigned to.

An entertainment group put on a show on our make-shift stage near the Compound.

Vernon Copeland with dog Sparkie in front of the Bartber shop building
in the Compound.  Copeland brought Sparkie to Korea from Japan where the 
dog was wondering in the Barracks area at Misawa AFB.  He was a small
puppy at the time and he made the trip in a small zipper-top bag.

"Some of the guys were whooping it up in the Mal-Amute Saloon"
from the Spell of the Yukon

Charles F. Bently as he was preparing to leave Korea for the States.