This page contains a collection of photos collected from the members of the
607th AC&W squadron that were taken during the time we served in Korea. 
If you have any photographs that you would like to share, please send us an
e-mail message with the photos and we will attempt to collect them and add to our site.

These pictures were submitted by Joe Menesick. Joe was with the 607th AC&W when it arrived at Pusan, South Korea in August 1950 and remained there until August, 1951. While there he served in the radio section.

1950 with the 607
Convoy leaving Puson, going north
607th Convoy 1950
Mort, Allan, & Friend
The Group at Enlisted Club 1950
Three "Static Chasers"
Joe & Living Quarters
The Group
Tent 14 Buddies

Located at Pyong Taek